PVC Lay Flat Hoses: The Future of Efficient Irrigation

PVC Lay Flat Hose
PVC Lay Flat Hose
  • What is PVC Lay Flat Hoses?

The PVC lay-flat hose is a flat hose made of PVC material that can be easily folded in half and rolled up when not in use.

Convenient and efficient: easy to transport and deploy, and does not take up space.

Durability: Excellent UV, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

High quality and low price: long service life, easy maintenance, and low price.



From small family farms to extensive farming operations, PVC flat hoses are becoming the preferred solution for irrigation.

Sinopulse’s PVC Lay Flat Hose stands out as the premier choice. Whether you’re an agricultural producer, distributor, or wholesaler, this product from Sinopulse hose factory is undoubtedly worth your consideration.