In welchen spezifischen Branchen oder Anwendungen sind PVC-Saugschläuche am beliebtesten?

PVC-Saugschlauch für Vakuum-Müllwagen
PVC-Saugschlauch für Vakuum-Müllwagen

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) suction hoses are commonly used in various industries for transporting water, slurries, powders, and other materials.


Industrial PVC Suction Hose
Industrial PVC Suction Hose

Industrial & Construction: For conveying water, light chemicals, powders, and slurries.
Such as industrial centrifugal pumps, industrial vacuum cleaners
Agricultural: Used for irrigation, liquid fertilizers, or conveying grains.
Such as wheel-shift irrigation systems, agricultural tractors are matched with a tail irrigation system, using PVC suction hoses for irrigation.
Marine: Dockside and boat bilge service.
Such as Bilge water pumps and multi-functional marine pumps.
Bergbau: Used to convey water and other drilling materials.
Such as heavy drainage pumps, underground drilling rigs


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