Problems in Production may Happen

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High pressure hose in accordance with the production process is divided into 

high-pressure steel wire braided hose and high-pressure wire spiral hose:

1, If high pressure hose vulcanization did not achieve the proper vulcanization, 

it will show less valcanization and excessive valcanization. Due to the above two reasons 

the hoses function can not meet the requirements. It will have various problems when application.

2, High pressure hose wall thickness sometimes uneven, especially  the inner layer.

3, If wire weaving or spiral process can not follow design process, 

the weaving angle may not reach 54 ° 44 ′, 

thus the wire weaving too tight or too loose. 

When application, hoses will have more transformation during the pressure increase.

4, The outer layer of poor air impermeability lead to corrosion of steel wire.

5, The inner seal is poor and make high-pressure oil easily leak into the wire layer.
6, Poor adhesive rubber layer with steel wire layer.