The Real Leading
Hydraulic Hose Factory
in China Since 2001

● One-stop Solution for hydraulic hose system
● Best in class products and services at competitive prices

The Real Leading
Hydraulic Hose Factory
in China Since 2001

● One-stop Solution for hydraulic hose system
● Best in class products and services at competitive prices

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Sinopulse has been focusing on manufacturing hydraulic hose and fittings for 20 years in China. In Sinopulse factory, hydraulic hose can create custom hydraulic pipes and industrial hoses for extreme environments, such as high temperature, high pressure, high cold, and high acid. Our hydraulic hoses are all compliant with your local hose codes and are a preferred alternative to other brands of hoses. Located in Handan, China, Sinopulse employs 60 people and produces metal hose, flexible, elastomeric, and PTFE hoses for certified machinery of all sizes and tasks.

For over 20 years, Sinopulse has been Supplying domestic and international customers in scores of industries with hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fitting, Industrial hoses, Automotive Hoses, PVC hoses, Quick Coupling, air hoses, etc.

Sinopulse is a professional China hydraulic hose factory with heritage

● Formed 2001
● Hydraulic Hose and Industrial Rubber Hose & Hose Fittings Manufacturer
● 60+ Employees
● ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
● MSHA Certified
● Independent and family owned

Hydraulic Hose and Fitting

Hydraulic Hose

Our Hydraulic hoses include wire braid hoses, wire spiral hoses, textile braid hoses, and thermoplastic hoses.


Industrial hose

Our industrial hoses include chemical hoses, pharmaceutical hoses, water hoses, steam hoses, food hoses, etc.


SAE J1401 Hydraulic Brake Hose

Automotive hoses are used in various applications, such as cooling systems, fuel delivery, and power steering systems

Hydraulic Fittings

Hose fittings and couplings are used to create custom hose assemblies for carrying air, water, fluids, and chemicals through a pipe system.

Our offers high quality, interchangeable, quick disconnect couplings for hoses.


Our hose machines include hydraulic hose Crimpers, cutting machines, and peeling machines.


Why Choose Sinopulse

Sinopulse, as a leading China hydraulic hoses factory , provides customized hydraulic hoses, various sizes and types of industrial hoses, and high-level quality hydraulic fitting.
Braiding machine.Flexible metal hose production line

Our hose facory has more than 20 hydraulic and industrial hose production lines, including advanced high-speed braiding machines imported from Europe, high-speed hose winding machines, and Italian automatic winding machines, etc., with a daily hoses production capacity of 15,000 meters.

hydraulic hoses equipment on the crowd
Hose Quality Makes Difference

There are 120 skilled workers and 6 product engineers to manage all the hose production, and two quality control managers to monitor quality.

Strict hose quality control and a strict production team to ensure stable hoses quality.


Your China Reliable Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer (OEM/ODM)

As a professional China Hydraulic Hose manufacturer, Sinopulse has rich experience in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality Hydraulic Hoses and fitting. You can get a one-stop solution with our world-class design criteria and quality control production system for Hydraulic Hose performance. We have a professional and efficient technical support team that will solve all your Hydraulic Hose problems.

Just ask for a quick quote, even for 1 unit, we promise to be available online 24/7 to support your business.


One-Stop Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings System Solutions

Sinopulse produces not only hydraulic hoses and fittings but also industrial hoses, PVC Hoses, Pneumatic Hose, Automotive Hoses, Silicone Hose, industrial Vacuum Hose, hydraulic Hose Protective Sleeve, etc.


All products comply with ISO, SAE, and MSHA standard specifications.


Sinopulse can also provide customized hose products to meet your local market and standards. Please send us your inquiries today!



Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings Solutions

Good Reasons To Choose SINOPULSE

We are a professional hoses manufacturer in China, providing customers with the best quality hydraulic hoses, fittings and solutions.
China Hydraulic hose prepared in factory for delivery
In order to meet the urgent hose needs of customers, regular-size hydraulic hoses and fittings are prepared for delivery as soon as possible.
Hydraulic hose factory Production & Technology

All hoses and fittings are manufactured using advanced hose production technology and equipment from 100% virgin materials.

hydraulic hose assemblies Customized Service

Whether it is hydraulic hoses or industrial hoses, automotive hoses, PVC pipes, etc., we can customize according to requirements to meet your various actual hose needs.

Customers Who Trust Sinopulse

  • The Sinopulse hydraulic hoses and fittings worked perfectly for our high pressure application and at a good price also.
    Germany customers with Sinopulse
    from Germany
  • Exactly as described. Fast delivery, service good. Everything is perfect. Thanks! Continued cooperation!
    Sinopulse Turkey customers
    from Turkey
  • Very sturdy, had a great factory price, and worked great. Feedback from people who have used this hydraulic hose is very good, Great value!
    from Italy
  • We have worked with Sinopulse company for 6 years, really nice stuff for a very good hose price, good service, good friend, indeed.
    from French
  • Service was excellent. You turned the hose order around very quickly and shipment (s) arrived earlier than I expected.
    from Spain

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