sinopulse rubber hose

Green Hose Manufacturing in China

Sinopulse Hose Factory

As a professional hose manufacturer, Sinopulse is committed to minimizing our environmental impact while manufacturing rubber products to reduce our carbon footprint. We continuously assess our production process to identify ways to improve its eco-friendliness.


Below are our continuous effort to promote an environmentally-friendly production.

  1. To promote energy efficiency, we encourage our employees to use public transportation and have switched to eco-friendly LED lighting in our factory and offices. We also turn off electronic devices when not in use.
  2. We have switched to post-consumer waste (PCW) paper, paper products, and packaging, significantly reducing our on-site printers. We strive for a paperless office, sending reports, quotations, invoices, and other documents by email or scanned copies.
  3. We recycle all packaging, paper, and other printer consumables and review our supply chain to maintain localization and consistent quality while reducing environmental impact and controlling costs.
  4. We re-use warehouse packaging and pallets whenever possible and implement phone or video call appointments to reduce customer travel.
  5. At Sinopulse, we are dedicated to producing rubber products in an environmentally-friendly manner and continuously seek ways to improve our eco-friendliness.