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Jackhammer Hose(Air compressor hose)


A Jackhammer Hose, also called an Air compressor hose, is a heavy-duty industrial hose for demolition and construction applications. It is constructed with a reinforced rubber tube and a high-tensile steel wire helix for maximum durability and flexibility. The hose is designed to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures of jackhammering and other demolition activities. It is also resistant to abrasion, oil, and weathering.

Our Jackhammer Hose is a heavy-duty hose designed for use with air compressors and pneumatic tools. It is constructed with a reinforced rubber inner tube and a heavy-duty outer cover for maximum durability and flexibility. The hose is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, abrasion, and kinking. It is also oil- and ozone-resistant, ideal for various industrial applications.



Tube: SBR blended, black, smooth
Reinforcement: High tensile synthetic yarn.
Cover: Natural rubber or highly resistant to weather. The surfaces of the body can be smooth and wove.
 -30°C + 80°C
Hose Inside diameter: 3/4″ & 1″
Working Pressure: 150Psi / 200.Psi / 250Psi / 300Psi


For jackhammer applications.

Application: These hoses are used in rock drilling mines, tunnels, quarries, construction, road building, and others

Characteristics :

Assembly with coupling available
No leaking
Easy to handle.
Weather, heat, and ozone resistant.
Excellent abrasion resistance.


Item CodeI.DO.DW.PB.PL

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