Suction and Discharge Hoses

Suction and discharge hoses move liquids, such as water, from one place to another. The stockings are typically reinforced rubber and can be attached to a pump or other device to move the liquid. The suction hose is used to draw fluid from a source, such as a tank or a pond, and the discharge hose is used to move the liquid to a destination, such as a storage tank or irrigation system.


Here are some common application examples when it comes to machines and equipment that use suction and discharge hoses:

  1. Water pumps: centrifugal pumps, plunger pumps, vacuum pumps, etc.
  2. Air compressor: screw air compressor, piston air compressor, turbine air compressor, etc.
  3. Oil transfer system: oil tank trucks, fuel storage tanks, refinery delivery systems, etc.
  4. Pool and spa equipment: pool filtration systems, hydromassage tubs, fountain systems, etc.
  5. Agricultural machinery: irrigation systems, sprinklers, farmland water pumps, etc.
  6. Construction equipment: drainage pumps, grouting pumps, water pumps, etc.
Water Suction And Discharge Hose(Suction and Discharge Hoses)

Water suction and discharge rubber hose for water service