Sinopulse Hose Factory

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Sinopulse Hose Factory Co., Ltd has 20 years of manufacturing and exporting experience in hydraulic hose, industrial hose, and fittings. Our factory has passed ISO 9001 and MSHA certificates. The Brand Sinopulse is sold in many countries worldwide and has helped customers increase their market share in the local market.
The workshop covers more than 20,000 Square meters and includes a rubber mixing workshop, soft mandrill workshop, hard mandrill workshop, non-mandrill workshop, and office building.


1) After finishing the rubber sheet in our laboratory, we test the hardness. According to our requirement in Shore A 82-85, the rubber tensile must be above 12 MPA for the inner tube of hydraulic hoses. Outside rubber will be 80 Shore A and 8 MPA in tensile.

2) After we buy Steel Wire in the middle parts, in our laboratory, we test the tensile, according to our requirement in 2750-2950N. The tensile must be within our required tolerance to assure the working pressure and burst pressure.

3) we make vulcanization inner tube rubber and outer rubber in our laboratory with steel wire. Check how much adhensive pulling power is between them, to assure adhension in rubber hoses. Also, we will imitate vulcanization of production to assure rubber vulcanization is under our control in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour, and one hour above.

Raw Material Laboratory



1) prepare a soft or steel mandrill on the previous day, and dry the mandril to assure it separate well from the inner rubber, but does not hurt the inner tube.

2) We adjust steel joint machines every week. We test the steel wire length difference according to the tolerance of XN(7N,8N,9N,10N,11N,12N) standard to assure the same length before braiding the machine.

3 In Germany’s technology braiding machines, we adjust spider tension 0.5kg higher than standard to ensure the braiding cover is more compact and in good shape, higher than standard. The finishing of the hydraulic hoses is in perfect shape.

4) We use an advanced cold feeder extruder controlled by a PLC computer. Cold feeder extruder has more power to extrude rubber inner tube in good shape.

5) After finishing extruding the inner tube, we require to make it recover the previous shape at normal temperature, at least 8 hours, we begin to put it in the colding machine at -30C for the braiding machine.

6) Our standard requires pitch and steel wire distance in braiding and spiral machines. To ensure the steel wire angle is in control.

Hydraulic Hose Production Process


1) After finishing the hoses, we test proof pressure in 1.8 times of working pressure on EACH HOSE for one minute, checking any possible leak or defective point of rubber hoses before shipping to our customers.

2) The burst pressure of hydraulic hoses must reach four times the working pressure.

3) The impulse testing must be above 200000 circles for braided hydraulic hoses and 400000 circles for spiraled hydraulic hoses.


Hydraulic hose factory three tests: Working pressure test, Burst pressure test, and Hose Impulse Testing

Before leaving the factory, all hydraulic hose is tested three times. Ensure trouble-free installation and operation of your new hose.

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