Thermoplastic Hose
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Rubber Resin Hose(Thermoplastic Hose)

Rubber resin hose is a composite hose composed of various materials, usually used to transport various liquids, such as water, oil, lubricating oil, detergent, etc. Its advantages are:

  1. Chemical corrosion resistance, good resistance to acid and alkali substances;
  2. High temperature resistance, can be used at higher temperature;
  3. Good flexibility, easy to bend and install;
  4. Wear-resistant, anti-aging, long life;
  5. The inner wall is smooth, the resistance is small, and the flow is large.



Thermoplastic hose is a kind of hose made of thermoplastic that can be heated up to 120 degrees and is powered by water pressure or pneumatic. It has the characteristics of light weight, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.

Thermoplastic hoses are used to convey various fluid media such as water and petroleum inside. Used in chemical machinery, printing machinery, plastic machinery, electronic manufacturing equipment, food packaging industry, medical equipment, auto parts.

Advantages of thermoplastic hoses:

  1. Stable chemical resistance, good resistance to oil, grease and acid-base substances;
  2. Excellent low temperature performance, can still maintain softness, impact resistance and wear resistance at low temperature;
  3. Good hygienic performance, non-toxic and tasteless, no rust;
  4. Soft, small bending radius, easy to bend;
  5. It has good heat resistance and can be used above 100°C.


Applicable Specs: SAE 100R7,EN 855 R7

Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose

1. Inner Rubber: Thermoplastic

2. Reinforcement:One High Tensile Synthetic Steel Wire Braided

3. Cover:High Flexibility Nylon or Thermoplastic

4. Temperature Range:-40℃ to +93℃

5.MainApplication: For Use With Petroleum, Water And Synthetic Based Fluids at Medium Pressure


SAE100 R7

Medium-pressure thermoplastic hose with a perforated cover(Thermoplastic SAE 100 R7 )

SAE100 R8

High-pressure thermoplastic hose with a perforated cover for petroleum, water, and synthetic-based fluids for mobile equipment, lube lines, blowout preventers, hydraulic lifts, and construction machinery.