EN 857 1SC in hydraulic presses
DIN EN 857 1SC Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer in China

G1SC ( EN 857 1SC ) Hydraulic Hose


G1SC ( EN 857 1SC ) Hydraulic hose is typically made with a single layer of steel wire reinforcement and a synthetic rubber cover, which gives it flexibility and durability. It is used in low to medium-pressure hydraulic systems and is commonly found in various industries, including industrial machinery, construction equipment, and agriculture. Here are some examples of its usage:

  1. Industrial machinery: machine tools, injection molding machines, and hydraulic presses.
  2. Construction equipment: The hose can be used in excavators, loaders, and backhoes for hydraulic power transmission.
  3. Agricultural machinery: The hose can also be used in agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems.
  4. Transportation: It can be used to transport hydraulic fluids, water-based fluids, and air in various industries.
  5. Petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils: The EN 857 1SC hose is suitable for use in petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils.


G1SC ( EN 857 1SC ) Structure:

Inner Tube: oil-resistant synthetic rubber.
Reinforcement: one braid of high-tensile steel wire.
Cover: weather- and oil-resistant synthetic rubber.
Temperature Range: -40℃ to +100℃.
Main Applications: suitable for low-medium pressure service with tight bends of oil- or water-based hydraulic fluids

Applicable Standards: ISO 11237 1SC, EN 857 1SC

The specification of the G1SC ( DIN EN 857 1SC ) Hydraulic Hose

Part No.I.D. O.D.W.PB.PB.RW.T

Raw Material:

Imported rubber material Vietnam and Thailand
High tensile strength 2750Mpa steel wire from China’s first-class factory
Powerful, safe and stable hydraulic hose products
Good dispersibility, high bearing pressure and superior pulse performance.
Excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance.
Excellent bending resistance and fatigue resistance

Factory Workshop:

Sinopulse is a 100% manufacturer of hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses, including all oilfields, agriculture, transportation, construction, mining, and forestry.
Daily output 500,000 meters of hoses, workshop covering 40,000 m²

40 production lines, involving high-speed joint machines, braiding machines, high-speed spiral machines, Italy VP automatic industrial machines, and Complete series Laboratory Testing Equipment

120 Skilled workers, 6 Engineers with 2 technical counselors from famous international companies,2 QC departments, and 2 warehouse managers are fall of our lovely people.

50 Sales and three groups of logistics specialists serve our clients from Italy, Germany, Uk, Spain, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Chile, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Australia, Romania

Production equipment and workshops for hydraulic hoses
Production equipment and workshops for hydraulic hoses


Our factory introduces a full range of laboratory testing equipment. It has advanced laboratory capabilities to conduct product quality testing and research and development work to ensure stable and excellent product quality.
After purchasing raw materials, we test each batch to ensure they meet our product’s technical requirements.
After production, we test each hose, its working and burst pressure, and conduct a pulse test for each order to ensure that it is 100% qualified after leaving the factory.
We strive to provide our customers with top-notch hoses, doing everything we can to ensure their quality.
“Let our end users feel comfortable in use and safe in driving!” is our common goal.

Complete laboratory testing equipment
Complete laboratory testing equipment

Product packaging:

1. When packing hydraulic hoses, cartons or wooden boxes according to customer requirements.
2. We will pack the hose after finishing the hose production.
3. Generally, woven bags and plastic films are used for packaging.
4. Special packaging can be provided according to customer requirements. Special packaging is a request of Edible ACC Ording customers.

Sinopulse Hydraulic hose loaded into the container shipping
Sinopulse Hydraulic hose loaded into the container shipping



Continuous Brand Layline Example:

SINOPULSE HYDRAULIC HOSE G1SC-4 EN 857 1SC 1/4″ (DN6.3) Max. W.P. 22.5MPa (3263PSI) -2Q11-

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