Hydraulic Hoses Manufacturer
Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer

Hydraulic Hose

The hydraulic hose is a critical industrial component that transfers high-pressure fluids in hydraulic systems. They are usually made of multiple layers of material to provide adequate strength and durability.

Hydraulic hose:

Construction: Hydraulic hose usually consists of three layers: 1. Inner layer, 2. Strengthening layer, 3. Outer layer..

Pressure Rating: Hydraulic hoses are classified according to their maximum working pressure.

Dimensions: Dimensions for hydraulic hoses include ID, OD, and length.

Connectors: The types of connectors include threaded connections, flange connections, and quick connectors.

Temperature Range: Hydraulic hoses need to operate within a specific temperature range.

As the top hydraulic hose manufacturer in China, Sinopulse hydraulic hoses have passed ISO9001:2008 and MSHA Certification. Our products implement SAE and DIN EN standards, widely used in construction machinery, the coal chemical industry, agricultural machinery, metallurgy, mining, Petroleum, ships, marine and heavy industrial equipment, and other fields.

Our hydraulic hoses including:

  • SAE 100 R1, SAE 100 R2, SAE 100 R3, SAE 100 R5, SAE 100 R6,SAE 100 R7 , SAE 100 R8,SAE 100 R12 , SAE 100 R13 , SAE 100 R14, SAE 100 R15 , SAE 100 R16 , SAE 100 R17;
  • EN 853 1SN, EN 853 2SN,  EN 854 2TE, EN 854 3TE,EN 855 R7,EN 855 R8,EN 856 4SP,EN 856 4SH, EN 857 1SC ,EN 856 2SC;
  • ISO 1436  1SN, ISO 1436  2SN, ISO 11237 1SC, ISO 1437  2SC

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Wire Spiral Hydraulic Hoses EN856 4SP

EN856 4SP/4SH, SAE J517 100R12/R13/15


SAE 100R1AT / R2AT, R1S / R2S, R16 / R17; EN 853 1SN / 2SN, EN 857 1SC / 2SC; ISO 1436 type 1SN / 2SN, ISO 11237 1SC/2SC, SAE 100R5

GR6 (SAE 100 R6)

SAE 100 R3,SAE 100 R6, DIN EN 854 2TE,DIN EN 854 3TE

SAE100 R7

Thermoplastic Hose,SAE 100 R7, SAE 100 R8,EN 855 R7,EN 855 R8