custom made hydraulic hoses
Custom Your Own Hydraulic Hoses in Sinopulse
  • Meet your desired hose specifications
  • Offer an assortment of hydraulic hose assembly fittings
  • Print your brand of hydraulic hose
  • Meet your hose size need
  • Custom I.D. you need
  • Custom Pressure Ratings you need
  • Custom hose material
  • Custom hose appearance
  • Custom hose for you using area

Build Your Own Hose

Hydraulic hoses of our proprietary brand or your brand can be pre-manufactured and assembled to meet your required specifications. We also offer a variety of fittings to complete your hydraulic hose assembly.
These hoses and fittings are professionally factory manufactured to meet your specifications and have a strict production quality inspection process. We can produce them after determining the hose size you need as well as the end fittings, and we have also provided some information below to help you create the best hose assembly to meet your needs.

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custom made hydraulic hoses process

  1. Select hose type:Select by standard: 1SN hydraulic hose, 2SC hydraulic hose, 4SP hydraulic hose, 4ST hydraulic hose, 100 R7 hydraulic hose
    Select by production type: wire wound hydraulic hose, textile reinforced hose, rubber resin hose (thermoplastic hose), stainless steel PTFE hose
    Select by application: transport water, steam, oil, gas, etc.
  2. Select hose inner diameter
    If you need any I.D. sizes of hydraulic hose, please email to us or contact us
  3. Select hose length
    If you need any length of hydraulic hose, please email to us or contact us.
  4. Select fitting material

Hose Safety and Installation

When first installing, always allow some slack in the hose. This will avoid unnecessary stress on the hose as it moves during use.
Make sure there are no unnecessary twists in the hose assembly during installation. The hose will try to straighten during use, which can cause damage to the hose assembly.
Avoid excessive bends when installing the hose. This can cause an unwanted curl in the hose, which can lead to catastrophic failure.
Adapters and brackets protect hoses from exposure to environmental hazards. Use brackets to keep hoses neatly secured and away from heat sources to ensure the longest life of the hose.

How to Choose the Fitting You Need

Choose the overall length, hose connector (female JIC, male, etc.), and other options as needed, including hose protection (not available on all hoses).

How to Measure Your Custom Hose Assembly

When assembling hydraulic hoses, you can choose between straight, 45°, 90°, and other combinations of end fittings. When you choose two angled fittings (such as 90° and 45° fittings), we need to know how to install them so you can put the hose back on the equipment. Use the chart below to give us accurate directions. If you are unsure of hose orientation options, please contact us before ordering

How to Select Hose Type

Hydraulic Hose Assembly
Thermoplastic Hose Assembly
PTFE with Stainless Braid Hose Assembly

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