What is a power steering hose?

Power Steering Hose
Power Steering Hose

The automobile power steering hose is one of the crucial components in the vehicle’s steering system. It is responsible for transporting the steering fluid from the pump to the steering gear and returning the low-pressure fluid from the gear to the pump or fluid reservoir.

Types of hoses:

There are primarily two types of power steering hoses:


  • Power Steering pressure hose: Comprised of five layers from the inside out: an inner rubber layer, a reinforcement layer, a middle rubber layer, another reinforcement layer, and an outer rubber layer.  The automotive power steering high-pressure hose has a five-layer structure, demonstrating high heat and oil resistance.
  • Power Steering Low-pressure hose(Return Hose): The power steering low-pressure hose consists of two layers: an inner rubber layer and an outer rubber layer.

Market and Manufacturers:

The demand for power steering hoses has grown alongside the expansion of the automobile manufacturing industry. Many renowned automotive component manufacturers, such as Gates and Sinopulse, produce these hoses.

Power Steering Hose
Power Steering Hose

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